Dr Sebi Diet

The importance of food to the general health of an individual cannot be under emphasized because it is required for the smooth run of the body. However, while Some foods are a must for our daily diets, some foods are detrimental to our health. This is the reason behind the emergence of Alkaline diets. The late Alfredo Dannington Bowman, who is popularly called Dr Sebi, in recognition of the dangers of some foods, created his Alkaline diet called “Dr Sebi alkaline foods diet.” This is a guide to those who seek to follow a healthy alkaline diet. It is a compass that ensures that everyone who tries to follow a diet, particularly Sebi’s diet has a stress-less journey as it reveals the benefits Dr Sebi’s electric foods, awesome recipes and covers everything necessary for a successful voyage in the seas of an Dr Sebi alkaline foods.

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