Dr Sebi Diet

The importance of food to the general health of an individual cannot be under emphasized because it is required for the smooth run of the body. However, while Some foods are a must for our daily diets, some foods are detrimental to our health. This is the reason behind the emergence of Alkaline diets and Dr Sebi Diet . The late Alfredo Dannington Bowman, who is popularly called Dr Sebi, in recognition of the dangers of some foods, created his Alkaline diet called “Dr Sebi alkaline foods diet.” This is a guide to those who seek to follow a healthy alkaline diet. It is a compass that ensures that everyone who tries to follow a diet, particularly Sebi’s diet has a stress-less journey as it reveals the benefits Dr Sebi’s electric foods, awesome recipes and covers everything necessary for a successful voyage in the seas of an Dr Sebi alkaline foods.

The Dr Sebi diet plan is made to aid the formation of cells and maintain general health using plant-based nutritional supplements. It was developed by the famous Alfredo Darrington Bowman popularly called Dr. Sebi. This alkaline diet is one of the top searched diets on Google, and numerous celebrities widely use it. It advocates for the consumption of plant-based foods, to the exception of foods that are highly acidic and detrimental to general health.

However, The Dr. Sebi alkaline diet is filled with controversy and quite complicated. One reason for this is because the founder of this diet, Alfredo Bowman, wasn’t a medical practitioner, and he is often called a naturalist and herbalist by the proponents of his diet and in addition to Dr Sebi herb list he would recommend to cure malignant diseases. Nevertheless, this diet has received support from a good number of people because it focused on healthy foods. 

What Makes Dr. Sebi Diet Different From Others

I know you must be wondering why this diet is special and widely used by top personalities and celebrities; however, the reason isn’t far fetched. The Dr Sebi foods is based on plant nutrition, foods that contain rich nutrients like sodium bicarbonate, phosphorus, and calcium. These foods help in detoxifying the body and reduces its acidity. Uniquely, this diet allows people from all over the globe to benefit from it because it is available and affordable to low-income families. Although it also maintains strict guidelines as to its diet, Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet does not disregard the importance of some plant-based acidic food.

What is Dr. Sebi’s Right Way to Diet?

In his nutritional guide, Dr. Sebi outlined the rules of Dr Sebi approved food diet. These rules have been emphasized over the years as vital in getting maximum health benefits from this diet.  

Here’s the right way/rules of Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet:

● Any food unavailable in the guide is highly discouraged and shouldn’t be eaten

● Drinking a gallon of fresh spring water is compulsory per day

● Do not take the diet or other supplements 60 minutes before medications


● Following the nutritional guide ultimately is essential for maximum health


● Avoid all dairy products, refined foods, fruits(seedless), and alcohol

● He stressed that microwave kills your food and should be avoided

How Can the Alkaline Diet Impact Your Body

If you think that the acidic taste of foods determines if they are acidic or basic, you are wrong. I should inform you that what impacts the acidity levels in the body is the waste product, popularly called Ash, which is released by the food once digested. For instance, lime tastes quite acidic, but once absorbed it is rich in alkaline nutrients and cow milk, which is sweet, and yummy isn’t a good alkaline food.

Alkaline diets, like earlier said, are rich in nutrients such as potassium and magnesium, which have high alkalinity and are healthy for the body. Finally, Dr Sebi weight loss is a benefit while the Alkaline diets improve general health and boost the immune system as well. This makes it beneficial to the body and an excellent menu for everyone.

Dr. Sebi Electric Food Philosophy

Dr. Sebi had the belief that the primary causes of diseases in many human beings are high acidity and mucus. This made him produce his own diet because he remained unconvinced that eating plant-based diets and cutting off others that are acidic is the safest means to rid the body of numerous toxins that are detrimental to the general health of humans. And all this could be achieve with Dr Sebi mucus cleanse.

Notably, doctor Sebi wasn’t looking to reduce susceptibility to infections but also to weaken diseases in people who are already affected by various life-draining conditions. A good number of people had argued that the reason why this doctor remained unaffected by the criticisms he met when he proclaimed his alkaline diets was because he has benefited from it. However, while no research into the potency of Dr. Sebi’s alkaline Diet has been backed by science, it is not right to say that the famous naturalist, Dr. Sebi, ideology is incorrect because, without doubt, his self-proclaimed diet has its nutritional benefits.

Dr. Sebi Recommended foods and Ways to Categorize Food Groups

Naturally, there are seven major classes of food, which are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water. However, most of these categories contain foods that are highly acidic and unsuitable for doctor Sebi’s diet. Because of this, he made the Dr Sebi meal plan created with these food groups in mind, which are gotten from plants, mainly fruits, and Vegetables.

Dr Sebi Diet
Dr Sebi Foods

Here’s Dr. Sebi’s food category:

● Vegetables

● Fruits

● Grains

● Natural Herbal Teas

● Nuts and Seeds

● Oils

● Spices and Seasonings

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