Dr Sebi Herb List

The Power of Herbal Healing

Herbal healing or treating various illnesses by the use of medicinal plants has been an alternative to meds for thousands of years. From the ancient civilization of Sumerians and Egyptians, natural medicine has been practiced for centuries. Dr Sebi herb list alternative medicine is present in all corners of the globe. Even nowadays, some western drugs are prepared by concentrating on the different plant driven chemicals.

Many drugs in pharmacies have a long history of being used in holistic cures like opium or digitalis. There are many countries, primarily Asians and Africans that use different types of alternative medicine for treating their population.

For these countries, the cost of Western medication and drugs are extremely expensive. There is a section of people dedicated to producing herbal medicines for them such as alternative pain relief.

These people are called ‘Herbalists’. A herbalist has training and experience in preparing herbal medicine. 

Dr. Sebi Theory Regarding Herbal Healing

Dr Sebi Herb List
Dr Sebi Herb List

The basic theory and methodology of Dr. Sebi’s medications and Dr Sebi electric food diet plan is that some foods are acidic, and some are alkaline. They both have different reactions in our bodies, mostly on our body’s ph.

The human body is constantly influenced by factors from the outside environment and what you eat throughout the day. Dr Sebi diet factors include temperature, nutrition, and also ph. All of them have a significant effect on your tissues and cells. PH is the measurement of hydrogen ions in a solution. When talking about our body, it refers to the pH of our blood and tissue fluid. It’s an abbreviation of “potential of hydrogen.” The more hydrogen ions a solution has, the more it is acidic in nature. The less hydrogen ion it has, it is more alkaline in nature.

The human body’s pH range is very narrow, and a slight increase or decrease in it can lead to some serious complications. The pH scale goes from 0-14, the number 7 representing neutral pH, or the pH where the solution is neither acidic nor alkaline. The normal pH of our body is close to 7.3, which is alkaline.

If you eat too many acidic foods, then your body pH might change as well. It’s your kidneys’ job to get rid of excess minerals and hydrogen ions, but they might fall short. They might not be able to eliminate all of the acidity, so your body then becomes less efficient at repairing and detoxifying. This can lead to impairs and damages in multiple organs.

There are many signs that show you whether you are suffering from high acid levels. These include being fatigued, stomach problems, acne, weak hair and nails, weight gain, and low immunity.

To rid yourself of these problems and normalize your pH levels to alkaline, you need to follow Dr. Sebi’s diet, his advice like drinking lots of water and using one of his detoxifying products.

Dr. Sebi’s methodology differs from western medicine. Western research says that germs cause problems in our bodies. These tiny organisms that are the cause of every problem allow them to administer inorganic carcinogenic compounds. These treatments and cures have consistently failed to cure many chronic illnesses. The European approach to medicine has been going for more than four decades, but still, after a long time, they have not come up with definite cures.

His practice revolves around African methodology of curing diseases, specifically African Bio-Mineral Balance theory. It opposes the reasoning of western medicine. Rather than small living organisms, the diseases are caused by an increase in the production of mucus. If there is excess mucus in the pancreas, you get diabetes. If bronchial membranes are compromised, then the built-up of mucus will cause bronchitis. According to this theory, all of the medicated compounds produced are organic and plant-based in nature. They preserve the alkaline state of body fluids.

Dr Sebi Herb List
Dr Sebi Herb List

Dr. Sebi describes his theory of diet and medicine to be more thorough. He says that by following his intra cellular cleansing teachings and methods, the body gets rid of all its toxins and harmful chemicals. It also replenishes lost minerals and helps the cells and tissues heal themselves. The African Bio-Mineral Balance theory rejuvenates and replaces all good chemicals that have been lost.

He says that the main organs for the elimination of toxins are kidneys, skin, liver, and colon. If the amount of toxin is so high that these organs cannot function properly and leave toxins behind, the disease will start to manifest in the body. From the weakest organ, your body will start to degrade because of high acidic levels and toxins. Detoxifying only one organ is not enough either. If you’re only cleansing and detoxifying the colon, then other organs will start to accumulate toxins and start to break down.

Dr. Sebi suggests that to get rid of diseases and toxins in your body, you have to follow his detoxifying cleansing medications and diet guidance. Instead of inorganic chemical compounds, these medications are made up of natural resources.

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