Dr Sebi Electric Food

What is the Electric Food Diet?

When we eat, the food that we eat is either healthy or harmful to our body system. Sadly, most of the food we consume do not have nutrients in the proper form for our body to absorb.

Generally, most organic foods list nutrients on their nutrients label, but most times, these listed nutrients are not in the proper form for which our body can assimilate.

Furthermore, Dr Sebi foods to avoid are mostly of our vegetables and fruits that are hybrids. These vegetables and fruits simply were made by man.

Hybrid foods are high in acidity, which is the opposite of alkalinity. Due to their high level of acidity, hybrid foods cause a disruption in the absorption of nutrients on a cellular level.

Therefore, in an attempt to solve this issue of unhealthy and high acidic food consumption by Americans, the idea of dr sebi electric food was Introduced.

Dr Sebi Electric Food
Dr Sebi Electric Food

Electric foods are Dr Sebi foods to eat that are entirely natural, living food indigenous to earth.

These electric food come from the deep interior of nature, and they remain in their natural state – unchanged by man.

The human body is living, and so we need to eat living foods to survive.

Dr Sebi Alkaline Electric foods are non-acidic, non-mucus forming, and living foods.

Also, electric foods contain alkaline and have an alkaline effect on the body.

Unlike other kinds of foods, electric foods can be easily assimilated, broken down, properly digested, utilized, and disposed of by the body.

Electric foods are rich in minerals and other rich nutrients that help your body heal from diseases and prevent the outbreak of future diseases.

Since the body is created to be naturally electric, it also makes sense to eat electric foods. 

Alkaline Diet and Electric Food Diet?

Now that we understand what electric foods are, the next thing is to explain what Dr Sebi alkaline foods electric food diet is.

However, before we proceed, I would like you to take a few minutes to evaluate your health, what you eat, what you drink, and the kind of fruits or vegetables you consume.

Having done this evaluation, you may realize that you may have been causing your body more harm than good through what you are eating.

The famous Dr Sebi nutrition explained electric food diet had been the root foundation of living a disease-free, non-obese, and addiction-free life.

The Dr Sebi diet stressed that the diet was all about minimizing acidity in your food and mucus in your body.

Being on an electric food diet means you only eat electric foods that help you develop an alkaline system.

This alkaline system built through the electric diet allows your body to fight diseases and prevent the outbreak of future ones.

The electric food diet is a culture, a way of life, and a lifestyle.

It is not a temporary diet, not something you do only when you are sick or when you want to lose a few pounds. People who are on an electric food diet live a disease-free life.

The electric food diet has helped many Americans avoid many of the health hardships prevalent in America today. One importance of the electric food diet is that it helps revitalize your cells by eliminating toxic waste by alkalizing your blood.

Electric food entails eating raw foods, sticking to organic and natural foods, and taking a couple of herbal teas and herbal supplements.

The electric food diet lacks lactic (diary), uric (meat), or carbonic substances (sugar, salt, and starch).

The human body is naturally made to heal itself, but we can enhance this healing process by feeding it what it needs to operate efficiently and effectively with Dr Sebi herb list as an addition to his alkaline diet method.

You don’t agree? Or you have doubts.

Think about many scratches and scrapes we get that heal on their own without the aid of any medication, orthodox or modern.

The electric food diet can be used to restore your body to its natural state and detoxify your body, thereby preventing the outbreak of the disease in your body.

The primary bedrock of the electric food diet is education and information.

You can start learning about the electric food diet here and then watch out for the change in the trajectory of your health and virtually your life.

When you strictly adhere to the electric food diet, you have decided to be healthy and not diseased, be skinny, and not be fat.

This one decision is what you need to go from being addicted to being liberated. The electric food diet inculcates in you an alkaline-based lifestyle.

Key Rules of Dr. Sebi’s Electric Food Diet

Dr Sebi Electric Food
Dr Sebi Electric Food

Dr. Sebi’s electric food diet has eight main rules that must be adhered to if you want to be healed.

These rules practically focus on avoiding animal foods and products, ultra-processed foods, and low protein diet.

According to Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, the following rules are the key rules of the electric food Diet:

➢ Rule 1: You must only eat the food listed in Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide.

➢ Rule 2: You must drink 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water every day.

➢ Rule 3: You must take Dr. Sebi’s supplements an hour before medication.

➢ Rule 4: You are not allowed to take any animal products such as meat or fish.

➢ Rule 5: You are not allowed to take alcohol.

➢ Rule 6: The consumption of wheat products is prohibited. You can only consume the natural-growing grains listed in the guide.

➢ Rule 7: You are not permitted to microwave your food. – Dr. Sebi believes that microwaves kill your food.

➢ Rule 8: You are not allowed to eat canned or seedless fruits.

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