Dr Sebi Alkaline Diet

The Underlying of the Alkaline Diet

Dr Sebi Alkaline Diet, also called an Alkaline-Ash diet, emerged upon the basis that foods can positively impact blood ph based on Dr Sebi’s ph balance studies. You should know that the ph levels of the body are healthy within the range of 7.35 and 7.45, and the pH of the body differs depending on their function. For instance, the stomach is highly acidic, which is suitable for the breakdown of foods. It also prevents bacteria and other illnesses that can be caused by foods.

Dr Sebi alkaline foods diets contain foods that are rich in nutrients such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium. Dr Sebi electric food nutrients positively impact the body. The proponents of alkaline diets substitute it for acidic food because they believe that this diet is the solution to cancer, bone health, and various health problems.

Dr Sebi Alkaline Diets
Dr Sebi Alkaline Diet

Although, in the case of blood pH, the body has the mechanism to regulate itself, and the primary area affected by acidity is the urine that we release from the body. This is where the Dr Sebi diet guide comes into play. The consumption of this food reduces the acidity of our urine and also reduces the work of our kidneys. But, generally, alkaline diets have numerous advantages to anyone who chooses to follow them. Hence, following this diet isn’t a wrong choice. 

The Perks of Following an Alkaline Diet

There are numerous advantages associated with following an alkaline diet. Some of such benefits include:

  •  1.Foods to eat by Dr Sebi encourage the consumption of healthy foods, food given by nature, and rich in many nutrients. Dr Sebi alkaline fruits and vegetables makes use of mainly plant nutrition, getting its nutrients from fruit and veggies.
  • 2. Alkaline electric vegan diet is affordable and available to most parts of the world, and it is cost-effective, which makes it enjoyable for low-income families.
  • 3. Alkaline diets still allow you to consume some mildly acidic foods. It follows the rule of more alkaline foods and less acidic using the ratio of 4:1. This makes the diet unique.
  • 4. Electric alkaline foods diets discourage the consumption of harmful foods such as refined foods, sugar, junks because they are highly acidic.
  • 5. It is also helpful for people who want to rid excessive fat.
  • 6. Dr Sebi herb list also helps cleanse the body from malignant diseases that are caused by man-made foods.

The Understanding of Your Body PH Balance

Dr Sebi Alkaline Diet
Dr Sebi Alkaline Diet

 The pH balance of your body, which is also called acidic and basic balance, means the measurement of acid or base in your body. These measurements determine the way your body runs.

Naturally, you should know that our body can regulate its pH levels without external help, and this regulation process is done by two vital organs, the kidneys, and lungs.

Typically, pH levels range between 0 – 14, and 0-7.40 means the body is acidic, and 7.40-14 means your body is basic. You should know that these levels may differ depending on the acidic or basic measurements in the body.

The kidneys and lungs are vital in maintaining the pH balance of your body. When these organs don’t function properly, it results in your body becoming too acidic or too basic, and this can cause diseases medically known as acidosis and alkalosis.

How do Vital Organs Regulate PH Balance?

The kidney regulates pH balance by transferring acids or alkaline/base, which is dependent on your food consumption, to your blood. However, you should know that the impacts of acids released by the kidney on the body are not fast compared to the lungs.

Lungs, on the other hand, maintain pH balance by letting out carbon dioxide. This chemical, we breathe out frequently, is the end product of various body cells after oxygen has been used. These cells excrete this waste into the bloodstream, and it is then transported to the lungs. The lungs store carbon dioxide and expel it from the body when you breathe out.

You should know that your brain carefully watches the way you breathe out and the levels of carbon dioxide you release from your body; this is used in maintaining the pH balance of your body. However, as earlier said, when your pH levels fluctuate significantly, it is because of a fault in the activities of the two vital organs responsible for keeping these pH levels in check, it makes you susceptible to diseases such as acidosis and alkalosis. 

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