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A healthy diet is a consumption of nutritious and rich in energy foods that help in maintaining health. It is also known as a balanced diet by Dr Sebi approved Foods.

A balanced diet combines the right balance of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals.

Dr Sebi Approved Foods
Dr Sebi Approved Foods

Dr Sebi Diet plays an essential role in your life. It helps you to stay healthy and active. Nutritious food along with physical activity helps in maintaining a healthy weight and facilitates leading a healthy life.

Do you know that what you eat directly impacts your health, immune system, and energy level?

How is consuming a healthy diet beneficial?

One of our examples of healthy Dr Sebi alkaline foods – before we jump right into the different categories – is sea moss and its benefits. They are low in calories and fats, and have a great amount of antioxidants to help cleanse your body.

Now that you know what a healthy diet is (and an example to clarify what we’re talking about), here is a further insight into what healthy foods are and how they are good for your health. 

  1. Consuming more vegetables and fruits:

As you know, fruits and vegetables are essential sources of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, plant protein, and antioxidants. Thus, a diet full of fruits and vegetables stabilizes your blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancers.

  1. Whole grains instead of refined grains:

Eating good does not mean eating bland food. Consumption of whole grains instead of refined grains would still be the same for your taste buds but with a better impact on your health.

  1. Fat-free or low-fat dairy products:

Fat-free or low-fat dairy products include the consumption of skimmed milk and Greek yogurt. 

Do you know consuming Parmesan and cottage cheese is a healthy substitute for your cheese cravings? So as you decrease fat in dairy products, you will cut on calories, saturated fats, and cholesterol.

Plus, with the end result of weight loss, who wouldn’t want to eat this kind of food?

  1. Protein-rich foods:

Do you know protein is the building block of organs, muscles, skins, and hormones? In children, it plays an essential role in their growth. 

Hence, consuming foods that are rich in protein is good for your health and helps in maintaining and repairing tissues. Such foods include: 

  • Seafood: Fish, prawns, oysters, and crabs
  • Lean Meat: Beef, lamb, pork, and kangaroo.
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Beans, Peas, soy products, and so on.
Dr. Sebi Approved Foods
Dr Sebi Approved Foods

What should you avoid eating?

As you know, a healthy diet is essential for good health. For you to be healthy, you should follow the Dr Sebi Diet, which is clarified through the following:

  1. Consuming fewer Sugars:

Your sugar consumption should be less than 10% of your total energy. Instead, if you further reduce your sugar intake to less than 5%, it will give you additional benefits and do wonders for you.

Following are a few ways you can subtract sugar from your diet:

It may be tough but making some small changes in your food selection makes a great difference. For example, choosing fresh fruits instead of cookies and cakes is a healthy alternative for your sweet cravings. 

Dr Sebi Approved Food
Dr Sebi Approved Foods

Similarly, replacing chocolates with dark chocolates will also have a positive impact on your health.

Limiting or restricting the consumption of soft drinks, sodas, and fizzy drinks would reduce sugar intake from your diet. 

2. Minimize saturated and industrially produced fats:

Saturated fat is present in animal products such as cheese, fatty meats, and whole milk, butter, and other food items. Some plant products like coconut and palm oil are also rich in saturated fats. 

Instead, you should focus on authentic and green foods for natural fats. For this, you can check out the Dr. Sebi alkaline foods list and the Dr. Sebi herbs list, which include a lot of important 

How to make healthy foods taste delicious?

As you know, consuming healthy food is essential for your health but eating it plain makes it tasteless and dry. So, here is a trick, if you season your steamed vegetable or boiled chicken with healthy and right spices, it will make your food taste delicious.

In this article, you will have a look at the tips of making your diet food tasty. And not just this, you will also find some delicious diet recipes that will suit your taste buds and will be healthy and nutritious for you. 

  • The first and foremost important tip is choosing fresh food. As when food is fresh, it will be of great quality and flavor.
  • The second most important thing while making your diet food is to know how to cook it. If you season it well with the right spices, even a dr sebi nutritional diet plan will be fun and tasty.
  • Sprinkle your food with sweet spices, citrus juices, or vinegar.
  • Blend your fruits with yogurt to make delicious and fulfilling smoothies.
  • Make fruit salads by mixing different fruits and vegetables. 

Delicious Diet Food Recipes:

Following are some delicious diet plans that suit both your schedule and taste buds.

  1. Smoothies: 

The easy fruit smoothie calls for just two ingredients: your favorite fruit and yogurt. Blend them both, and you are all good to go, be it for your snack, breakfast, or before your workout sessions to boost your stamina.

Dr Sebi Smoothies Diet

Moreover, adding leafy greens or mint will enhance your taste and boost your immune system. 

Hence, smoothies like mango ginger and pineapple green will make you all ready to start your day! For a more delicious smoothie recipe, you should read Dr. Sebi’s Smoothie Diet Book.

  1. Breakfast:

Pumpkin oat mini muffins are packed with oats and chocolate chips. Yes, you heard it right, chocolate chips! Doesn’t it sound tasty? These muffins will hardly take 20 to 25 minutes of baking after you blend all their ingredients in a blender.

Oh, what a delicious start to the day!

  1. Lunch:

Although many of you would prefer a bowl of fruit or vegetable salad, consuming salads every day can be boring. Hence, roasted Cauliflower and Potato Curry soup is an alternative to your salad bowls during your lunch hours.

Roast your cauliflower first to prevent florets from turning mush; by adding a little bit of tomato sauce and coconut milk, it will get a silky texture. 

  1. Dinner:

For dinner, you can have your favorite roasted chicken and sweet potatoes. The combination of chicken thighs and sweet potatoes cooked up fast in a hot oven is a portion of delicious and healthy food to have for your dinner.

You can also serve it with a bowl of salad of mixed greens, apples, and blue cheese!


In a nutshell, the consumption of healthy food will not only make you physically active and attractive, but it will also make you healthy!

For having a greater understanding of what a healthy diet is and how it works? Dr. Sebi’s diet books and articles, written through years of experience as a herbalist, will help you have a greater insight into how important a healthy diet is.

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