With the trend of smoothies coming back, we picked the healthiest one out for you – Dr. Sebi’s weight loss smoothies that show miraculous results within weeks! 

Weight Loss Smoothie
Weight Loss Smoothie

Dr. Sebi’s nutritional diet is more than just a fad; it has proven benefits of keeping diseases at bay and naturally detoxing your body to its optimal condition.

How do dr sebi weight loss work? Are there any side effects? Is weight loss effective? Why is Dr. Sebi’s nutrition diet different from every other diet out there? Let’s dive into these questions.

Dr. Sebi’s Weight Loss Smoothies :

When you think of ‘diet,’ your first instinct is to think of starving, over-exercise, and surviving a day on liquids, lethargic and irritated. But Dr. Sebi’s nutritional diet is completely different. 

Instead of fasting, Dr. Sebis advises you to eat healthy portions of foods scientifically proven to maintain your body’s pH between 6-7. You will also be allowed to eat fruits and vegetables, which Dr. Sebi calls “electric foods,” as they maintain your body’s alkaline environment.

But why is maintaining an alkaline pH of the body crucial? Our body functions optimally at alkaline pH, but due to the highly acidic diet of meat, eggs, fizzy drinks, and dairy products we have nowadays, the body’s basicity is disrupted.

To alleviate the harmful side-effects of this modern diet, this nutritional diet follows a pattern of switching to alkaline and healthier Dr. Sebi approved foods that help in better hormonal regulation, treating inflammatory diseases like Hepatitis, and even reducing risks of cancer.

Following this pattern, Dr. Sebi’s weight loss smoothies go beyond simple weight loss to a holistic fix of your internal body systems, so you don’t just look good but feel healthy too.

Weight Loss Smoothie
Pineapple Weight Loss Smoothie

An Energy Boost:

Diet smoothies often tend to make people “too full” to function, leaving them lying around on the couch feeling unproductive. This is because smoothies usually focus on increasing your liquid intake and replacing it with the carbohydrates you need to be energetic. 

They also backfire because the fats and fibers are broken down in smoothies, leaving little for your body to digest and utilize. Dr. Sebi’s weight loss smoothies work differently. Instead of breaking down fibers, these healthy smoothies retain their nutritional content and do not rely on excess water content. 

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Energy Boost From Smoothies

This means drinking the smoothie just before a workout or an important presentation can give you a natural energy spark, which will not affect your solid intake throughout the day and keep you going on for hours and hours!

Dr. Sebi and intra cellular cleansing :

Much of dr sebi diet functions beyond just burning fat and dropping dress sizes but on revitalizing your metabolism at a cellular level.

Think of all your organs performing vital functions of keeping toxic materials out of your body. Your lungs provide you with clean oxygen and remove wasteful gases from your respiratory system. The dermis and epidermis in your skin work hard to expel harmful chemicals while your liver and kidneys filter your blood and boost the body’s immunity to pathogens.

However, acidic intake halts this natural detoxification of your body. Toxic chemicals accumulate and build up inside your body, later manifesting in inflammatory conditions such as Hepatitis or tumors that become difficult to cure. 

Weight Loss Smoothie
Intra-cellular Cleansing with Alkaline Smoothies

The solution? A thorough intra-cellular detox that rids your body of toxic substances from the micro-level. This is achieved through Dr. Sebi’s herb list that cleanses the colon and other excretory organs. The herbs are organic and not synthetically produced, which means fewer visits to the hospitals without any side effects.

Restoring Phosphate Minerals:

Being one of the most pivotal minerals in the human body, Phosphate is essential in building strong bones and teeth, and further helps the body to store energy, and aids the kidney in filtering body waste. 

However, phosphate minerals are found in relatively low concentrations in cells and tissues. After detoxification of your body, the phosphate minerals repair your damaged tissues and cells alongside balancing the vitamins and nurturing your body to its optimal state. 

Most smoothies overlook this crucial role of phosphates and focus on merely providing energy boost or replacing carbs. This is what Dr. Sebi’s diet does differently – it replenishes your phosphate levels to combat health conditions like celiac disease, diabetes, and Crohn’s disease.

Reduce Stress with Dr Sebi Weight Loss Smoothies:

Hybrid and processed foods are an integral part of the modern diet, which end up disrupting the absorption of nutrients, unbalancing your hormonal levels, and leaving you irritated and anxious. 

Reduce Stress with Alkaline Smoothies
Reduce Stress with Alkaline Smoothies

Dr. Sebi’s nutritional diet believes in linking this mental anxiety to the elevated acidity in the body. Hence, he advises switching to plant-based nutrients that prevent blood sugar spikes and dips, stabilizing your mood swings.

This helps you feel optimistic about the process of weight loss itself instead of dieting in guilt and having bouts of anger. Thus, the unique benefit of Dr. Sebi’s weight loss smoothies is that you will not feel an abrupt shock in transitioning.

Try out these Dr. Sebi’s Weight Loss Smoothies 

Now that you know the range of benefits of Dr. Sebi’s Weight Loss Smoothies, you might be wondering where to start to get on board this diet. Instead of aimlessly searching the internet for options, we have curated a list of Dr. Sebi’s smoothies on our website that are beginner-friendly, delicious, and simple to make.

In fact, these recipes include a lot of different ingredients, including various fruits, sea moss, and other items. While they may seem like they don’t go together, you still end up with delicious combinations that serve as both cell food and as yummy drinks.

Our top picks include Dr. Sebi’s blueberry smoothie with a unique addition of quinoa and walnut milk, as well as the tasty Pineapple smoothie that gives the perky Hawaiian kick to your everyday meals.

Dr. Sebi's weight loss smoothies
Dr. Sebi’s weight loss smoothies 

You can now get complete, comprehensive Dr. Sebi books from here. With easy-to-understand recipes and nutritional benefits explained side-by-side, the book serves as a personal nutritionist, present along every step of your healthy weight loss.

Other features include:

  • The main principles of Dr. Sebi’s diet
  • The benefits of Electric foods 
  • Step-by-step instructions 
  • Nutritional facts of every smoothie recipe
  • A “bonus” of Dr. Sebi’s Top-19 medicinal plants and their uses

The book offers an array of recipes that will not take more than ten minutes to make – easily fitting in your busy schedule so you can have a smoothie on the go!

From curing malignant diseases to removing harmful mucus and overall boosting your immunity and weight loss process, Dr sebi alkaline foods Diet book is your one-stop solution to figuring out which smoothie works best for you. 

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