how did dr sebi die

How did dr sebi die and Who is Dr. Sebi, and what is the Dr. Sebi diet? If you’re curious about the answers to these questions, then go ahead; this article is for you! 

Dr. Sebi’s full name is Alfredo Bowman. He was a famous herbalist and healer from Honduras and has helped thousands of people by preventing and curing many illnesses. His vegan diet, alkaline diet, herbs list, and other tools have helped him cure diseases and promote health through medicinal plants.

Although he was not a formal Doctor, and he didn’t hold a Ph.D. degree, either, he was (and is) still known for his diet plans, skillful herbalism, and talents in healing.

He inspected and acknowledged the most appropriate herbs of North and South America and the Caribbean, but that isn’t the extent of his achievements. This article chronicles his life and death, inclusive of the following:

  1. What is Dr. Sebi’s diet?
  2. What are the six fundamental food groups, and what foods should you consume?
  3. What are Dr. Sebi’s beliefs on Herbs?
  4. How does Dr. Sebi’s diet help to boost the immune system?
  5. What were his lifelong contributions to the field of medicine?
  6. How did he die, and what was the mystery of his death?

What are the Dr. Sebi diets?

Dr Sebi approved Foods is known for rejuvenating your cells by eliminating toxic waste by alkalizing your blood. It is dependent on eating selective food items accompanied by supplements and avoiding eating any other food.

Dr. Sebi designed this diet for people who wish to cure or prevent diseases and improve their health without depending on chemical medicines. 

Additionally, as the vegan alkaline diet comprises fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and herbs, it is fully natural and good for your body in any situation.

Moreover, this diet is a plant-based diet that helps your body heal itself. If you follow Dr. Sebi’s diet throughout your life, it will help you restore your body’s natural alkaline state and help it to detoxify itself.

The alkaline diet is more about consuming lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and root vegetables. Hence, Dr. Sebi promoted wellness with his vegan diet of plant-based foods focused on alkaline instead of hybrid foods.

Fundamental Food Groups:

Dr. Sebi believed that there are six fundamental food groups:

  1. Live
  2. Raw
  3. Dead
  4. Hybrid
  5. Genetically modified 
  6. Drugs

He encouraged all his patients to eat as close to a raw vegan diet as possible. This includes naturally grown fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. He believed that raw and live foods were like soul to the diet. 

  1. Allowed Foods:

Specific foods that are allowed according to his diet include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Herbal teas
  • Spices
  • Last but not the least, the most important of all is water!
  1. Disallowed Foods:

This diet has a strict list of what is and what not may eat; you should avoid foods that are not included in the list, including:

  • Canned fruits or vegetables
  • Seedless fruits
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Red meat
  • Processed food
  • Soy products
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Yeast
  • And foods made with baking powder

Dr. Sebi’s beliefs about Herbs

Do you know herbs have the secret power of healing? Yes, you heard it right. As you know, plants get their energy and food from soil, and soil is rich in phosphates and nitrates. These nutrients are very important for your body.

Similarly, vitamins like A, C & K are present in herbs, important for an individual. Herbs contain polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

The primary dr sebi herbs are:

  1. Sea moss
  2. Batana oil
  3. Elderberry

Immune System Boosting

All of us have at least once heard the proverb, “Health is Wealth.” But very few of us understand it in reality. When talking about health, the very thing related to it is your immunity or your immune system. 

The healthier you are, the stronger your immune system. However, understanding your complex immune system is not easy. Still, Dr. Sebi has not only researched well about how your immune system works but has also listed methods of boosting your immunity.

And one of those ways is Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet! It has proved to be an amazing immune booster for your immunity and works wonders on the immune system of individuals who have tried it.

Dr. Sebi’s contributions

Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet has not only been the reason for his fame instead, but he has also worked on various delicious healthy recipes and books. These books have only added up to his fame and are one of the reasons for his many followers.

how did dr sebi die

These books include:

  1. Dr. Sebi’s treatment & cure of STD
  2. Dr. Sebi’s treatment book
  3. Dr. Sebi’s cookbook
  4. Dr. Sebi’s recipe book
  5. Dr. Sebi’s medicinal herbs
  6. Alkaline Herbal medicine
  7. Dr. Sebi’s 12-day Smoothie cleanse
  8. Dr. Sebi’s 7-day full-body detox guide and many more.

Hence, he investigated and explored herbs and benefits of alkaline food and has written many books that helped people cure diseases like STD, herpes, asthma, and whatnot.

How did Dr. Sebi die?

Dr. Sebi’s death has been a mystery for so many people; the controversy linked with his death has confused almost every one of his followers. Many conspiracy theories were attached to his death since he was in the police’s custody for unknown reasons.

The official cause of his death was Pneumonia, and since he was 82 years old when he died, that remains the leading perspective. 

However, some people believed that he died in a Honduran jail cell in 2016 while arrested for carrying a large amount of money to his native country.


In a nutshell, Dr. Sebi was the father of the alkaline food diet; with his immense knowledge and tireless efforts, he has improved the lives of countless people. With Dr. Sebi green food and the Dr. Sebi diet, you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

Although he didn’t have a professional degree in medicine, he made the impossible possible with his dedication and hard work. He promoted a healthy diet and lifestyle for everyone, no matter the age, especially utilizing the dr sebi sea moss benefits, the Dr. Sebi mucus-free diet, etc.

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